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Welcome to Navesink Maritime Heritage Association

Navesink Maritime Heritage Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving knowledge and appreciation of Monmouth County's maritime heritage through programs that teach wooden boat building and boat handling skills; through preserving the history of Monmouth County's wooden boat builders and other maritime history; and through the experiential on-the-water programs of River Rangers for children age 10-14, Adults and families of all ages, and Sea Scout Ship #5 Navesink for co-ed youth age 14-21. 

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Dear NMHA volunteers, members, and friends,

We have been in COVID mode since early 2020 and there have been many ups and downs. NMHA has been able to stay active and we have adjusted our programs and events depending on the levels of local infection. As near as we can determine, our preventative activities have resulted in zero infections and we hope to continue with that level of success.

As such, as a membership organization, we will strive to provide and support preventative measures in all our programs, and hope that our members and event participants will make individual efforts to reduce infection risks as much as possible.

We have programs for all ages and since we have elderly, reduced immune resistance, and unvaccinated youngsters in our programs we hope that those who can be vaccinated are vaccinated.

Since the advent of vaccinations, the participation by our founding fathers in vaccination efforts and other preventative measures has been a community effort. (Yes, our founding fathers vaccinated themselves and their kids, well before there was FDA approval and scientific safety analysis.  Wiki link)

With vastly improved tools let's make our forefathers proud that we are beating this thing as a community and a nation.

Since we cannot predict the date on which we will be able to resume normal operations we will continue to schedule activities adjusted for local conditions. Some will be free and some will require payment to sign up. We sometimes ask for payment to allow certainty of the event's financial viability when it occurs. (such as boat charters), but we make all arrangements "subject to coronavirus". As such, if we need to cancel because of coronavirus we will provide full refunds.

Rik van Hemmen, President NMHA


NMHA volunteers enjoy running all its many programs, but we do not spend much time on member fundraising. We just want you to pay annual dues, join the party and not be bugged by continuous requests for money. Much of our funding comes from grants, and foundation that provide grants like to see strong memberships counts.

Please renew your membership or join NMHA. It is not expensive and it helps us so much in focusing on the fun. Please note that our membership is per calendar year. Renew now and you will be a member for 2020. Renewals made in November and December of a calendar year will apply for the next calendar year.

Sponsors and Partners

Around the River

GROVER HOUSE, November 2021

Another successful Eagle Scout project completed: a new pathway to the front door plus flower garden. More pictures HERE

Bald Eagle Abundance!

The banning of DDT in 1972 and the cleaning of polluted rivers and creeks has played a big part in the resurgence of Bald Eagles (and all fish-eating birds of prey) since the 1970's. More information HERE and HERE.

SIX bald Eagles were seen on the mud flats at the mouth of the Navesink during NMHA's Bird watching Cruise in 2020!


The book Chronology of Boating on the Navesink River would be a great present for someone who has moved away from the area.

Guns Blazing! The War of 1812 and the New Jersey Shore is for lovers of the early history of the US Navy, with wonderful paintings of ship-on-ship battles.

Go HERE to explore these and other items in the Store.


Read an essay by Merdith Comi of NY/NJ Baykeeper HERE


Monmouth County has been conducting Public Information Meetings in our area for some years. Read the latest updates HERE


The Historic Liberty ship John W Brown museum is berthed in its town of creation, Baltimore, Maryland. From the National Maritime Historical Society.


It is truly fun to be able to observe these large marine mammals so closely in our urban environment. This is the Sandy Hook National Park info on seals.

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Navesink Maritime Heritage Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving knowledge and appreciation of Monmouth County's maritime heritage through programs  that responds to its mission: DISCOVER, ENGAGE, SUSTAIN.

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