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The President’s End of Year Letter.

I want to thank all the people who help NMHA with its mission of Discover, Engage, and Sustain, during 2018.

We hope that all the friends who are involved with, or engage with, NMHA can look back and say they discovered things around the beautiful Navesink they did not expect, enjoyed things by engaging with them, and grew in their conviction to keep it that way, or make it better.

Whether it relates to working with young people, or fixing old homes, the ability to look back and feel certain that life is good by doing, is a special joy that is not always available to everyone, but it is available within the NMHA community.

And 2018 was good by doing. We made real progress at the Grover House; we had excellent presentations; we had fun events at Grover House; we had another Classic Boat Festival; River Rangers paddled the Navesink; family and kids paddled; we enjoyed a birding cruise; our members were instrumental in improving the water quality of the Navesink; and the Sea Scouts had an exciting year.

Our 2019 programs will be even more interesting and we hope you will support them by joining in or by providing some financial assistance as a member or a donor. We will announce some of them at the Annual Meeting and Dinner on January 23rd 2019 at Bahrs Landing Restaurant, details by Newsletters as the year progresses.

Thank you: There are too many people to thank for their assistance over the year, but I would be remiss if I did not specifically thank the Bahrs’ family for being such generous hosts at our annual meeting and also during the winter presentations. Jay and Becky Cosgrove (owners of Bahrs) approach to community involvement is the gold standard. If every business was as involved in their community as Bahrs is, sustainable prosperity would never be in question.

I also particularly want to thank the members of the NMHA Board, there is no more effective group of people at doing more with less, and doing it smoothly and with a sense of fun than Gayle, Tom, Michael and Chuck. The board meets every Saturday from 0815 to 0915 at the West Side Eatery, Red Bank (formally the Danish Café).  If you enjoy a Saturday morning cup of coffee, join us to see Can Do Magic in action.

Heritage suggests old age, but really it means staying young by doing.

Very truly yours,

Rik van Hemmen, P.E.


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Navesink Maritime Heritage Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving knowledge and appreciation of Monmouth County's maritime heritage through programs  that responds to its mission: DISCOVER, ENGAGE, SUSTAIN.

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