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Placemat Files

All formatted to print on 11x17 paper


This placemat talks about storm drains and the effects they have on the Navesink River.

Full size file: Save the Navesink Original.jpg (900 KB)

Small file: Save the Navesink.jpg (205KB)

This placemat discusses the harmful effects of fertilizer.  

Full size file: Fertilizer Original.jpg (276 KB)

Small file: Fertilizer.jpg (266 KB)

This placemat explains why bunker are important and how they are dying in the Navesink.

Full size file: Bunker Original.jpg (1.38 MB)

Small file: Bunker.jpg (343 KB)

This placemat illustrates the importance of shellfish and how you can save them.

Full size file: Shellfish Original.jpg (1.89 MB)

Small file: Shellfish.jpg (402 KB)

This placemat reveals the issue of crabbing in the Navesink.

Full size file: Pollution Original.jpg (1.79 MB)

Small file: Pollution.jpg (352 KB)

Publisher file (editable): (4.5 MB)

This placemat tells you about ospreys and the danger they are in.

Full size file: Navesink Osprey Original.jpg (996 KB)

Small file: Osprey.jpg (216 KB)

This placemat points out the effects development has on some animals.

Full size file: Effects Original.jpg (1.56 MB)

Small file: Effects.jpg (273 KB)

Publisher file (editable): (4.2 MB)

This placemat reveals issues on clams in the Navesink. 

Full size file: Clamity Original.jpg (1.07 MB)

Small file: Clamity.jpg (264 KB)

This placemat talks about ferries. 

Full Size File: Ferries.jpg

Publisher file (editable):

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