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250th Anniversary Celebration
Navesink Maritime Heritage Association to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution

Navesink Maritime Heritage Association plans to actively celebrate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, with the biggest events scheduled around the anniversary date of the Declaration of Independence.  NMHA’s program will focus on three aspects: 

    1. Maritime and the county, the state and the country
    2. The arc of the country’s history beyond the Revolution, with a deep focus on inclusion of all stakeholders who created the United States, prior to, and after 1776. 
    3. The promise of the future of the United States with a particular focus on sustainability

      Our program will depend on the level of funding that can be secured and, as such, NMHA is investigating these projects, listed according to increased levels of funding:

      1. Participation in Operation Sail 250:
      2. To be the clearing house for Eastern Monmouth County maritime history during the USA250 celebration
      3. To organize a classic and historic vessel rendezvous at a suitable Eastern Monmouth County location
      4. Farm-to-Table event - physically bringing produce and product from local farmers and producers via our garvey to a schooner like Pioneer and on to a special event in New York City
      5. History tours via boat
      6. To construct a solar powered replica Navesink Steamboat

      The Navesink Steamboat project is NMHA’s most ambitious project and will require about $2M start up funding, where the other programs can be executed at much lower costs and take advantage of NMHA’s very extensive prior experience in events of this type.

      This project will include all aspects of NMHA’s focus. It will center on construction of a 100 foot 145 passenger replica sidewheeler, that will be solar powered. The vessel will be a reflection of the nation’s history and its future. During the celebration it will participate in USA250 events and serve as the traveling exhibit on revolutionary maritime history. After the anniversary celebrations its unique and advanced technology will allow it to become a statewide sustainable technology ambassador and a profitable USCG certified passenger excursion vessel.

      NMHA is soliciting partners and financial supporters for these projects.

      Other sites dedicated to this event:

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