Community Events

NMHA organizes its own community events and joins in with other organizations.

For signature NMHA events see:

NMHA has also joined in with organizations such as Keansburg Father Time, the YMCA, town recreation departments and schools, NJ Sea Grant Consortium, Two River Theater, and Monmouth County Public Library.  NMHA provides specific activities, such as our famous “Sail your boats in the gutter pool” activity or the “Float the pennies” activities, or provides physical and technical support on projects such as Maple Cove Park.

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Navesink Maritime Heritage Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving knowledge and appreciation of Monmouth County's maritime heritage through programs that teach wooden boat building and boat handling skills; through preserving the history of Monmouth County's wooden boat builders and other maritime history; and through the experiental on-the-water programs of River Rangers for middle school children and Sea Scout Ship Navesink for co-ed youth age 14-21.

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