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Whale Boat

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Whale Boat

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Vessel type: Whale boat

Designer: Evolving design with relatively minor regional differences

Builder: Various in Europe and the Americas Keel Laid: Second half of 19th century Date Deliver: Construction time was generally around six months Date Modified: None, but whale boats were occasionally used for raiding expeditions Date Scrapped: Typically a whale boat lasted for only a few seasons of use Length on deck: About 28 feet Length over all: About 30 feet Beam: About 6.8 feet Depth: About 4.2 feet Draft: About 2.8 feet with rudder hooked on the stern Gross Tonnage: N/A Lightweight Tonnage: Maximum Displacement: Construction Material: Wood, carvel planked on frame Rig Type: Lateen Sail area: About 250 square feet Crew Size: Seven, five rowers, one harpooner and a boatcaptain Passenger Capacity: None Propulsion Plant: Oars Horsepower: N/A Cruising Speed: 6 Knots Maximum Speed: As much as 12 knots when towed by a whale Armament: Various harpoons and lances for hunting whales

Vessel Description

Vessel History

Technical Model Description Model Scale: 1:16

This model was built from a kit produced by Panart SRL in 1981 and built in 2000. This model is of a scale where every component that exists on the full size hulls is also constructed on the model. As such, all the structural components that are shown on the model also exist on the full size vessels. The model construction made use of builder’s frames that are used to shape the hull frames and to fit the hull planks similar to builder’s frames that would have been used for the construction of the full size vessel. The 1:16 scale is about as small as can be used to built actual structural models. If one uses a smaller scale it becomes very difficult to construct the smaller structural components and to actually fit them into the model. At smaller scales the model builder will have to alter or simplify the model construction from the full size vessel.

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