Past Events & Activities in 2019

NOVEMBR 13, 2019: PUBLIC PRESENTATION The Living Shoreline at NWS Earle - A tale of Oyster Survival and Growth

Organized by the NMHA Board and given by Meredith Comi, NY/NJ Baykeeper, at Bahrs Landing Restaurant

Oysters once thrived in the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary, covering bay bottom from Sandy Hook to Liberty Island (also known as Oyster Island), until overharvesting and pollution led to their demise.

Today, there is no longer a sustainable oyster population in this region, which is why NY/NJ Baykeeper has been dedicated to restoring this important species over the last 20 years.

One of the biggest obstacles has been the concerns of State and local governments that people might take and eat the oysters and get sick (and sue!). This problem was removed in 2016 when NY/NJ Baykeeper entered into  a partnership with the US Navy at NWS Earle. This heavily guarded base removes the possibility of the public taking and eating the oysters growing there!

Oysters: Nature's Protectors. Read Meredith Comi's essay HERE

7:30pm: Coffee and Cookies. 8:00pm: Presentation. 9:00pm Close. FREE event, ALL are welcome. 

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