The Cruise of the Sailing Ship Onrust

2014 is the 350th anniversary of the founding of New Jersey. New Jersey was a little late in getting founded because it was controlled by the Dutch who were interested in maritime and trade, but not all that much in settling the landward side of Nieuw Amsterdam. This changed in 1663/1664 when the Dutch ceded Nieuw Amsterdam to England and British farmers (rather than Dutch traders) felt that it was time to officially settle the land we now know as New Jersey

The most significant settlement that occurred was by a few English Quaker and Baptist families who left Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn and arrived in Monmouth County near the mouth of the Navesink River in the early summer of 1664

They came by boat and Navesink Maritime Heritage Association felt we should commemorate this event with a visit to the Navesink by a proper vessel. It turns out we knew about such a vessel, it is the Onrust PUBLIC ACCESS DAYS HERE.

The Onrust is a 2009 replica of the sloop Onrust, the first European vessel built in our part of the world in 1614 (yes, that is exactly 400 years ago!) and that was used by Adriaan Block (of Block Island fame) in his regional discovery voyages. The vessel is a dead ringer for the type of vessel that the settlers would have used.

Martin & Ottaway agreed to coordinate the fundraising that would ensure that the vessel could make the voyage. They were joined by a group of local maritime companies who, together, are funding the Cruise of the Onrust to commemorate the European Settlement of Monmouth County. 

There will be a variety of sponsored events while the vessel travels the river between June 5 and June 9 and NMHA members and the public will have access to the vessel at the various riverside location she will visit.

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