MARCH 25, 2015: Public Presentation

Lettie G Howard -Two States, one Port, in Marine Education

Come and hear Rik van Hemmen, VP of NMHA, talk about the historic schooner, Lettie G Howard, two great maritime high schools (The Harbour School and MAST), and the educational link between them. 

Bahrs Restaurant, Highlands, 7:30pm.

Presentation 8:00pm.              More information HERE

JUNE 6 & 7, 2015: Community Boat Building Festival is back!

Come help build some canoes at Fair Haven Fire House!

No experience necessary, no tools required. Join a team with experts to help you. In TWO days you will be paddling on the river! 




More information HERE 

JUNE 28, 2015: Family Canoeing at Chris' Marina, Red Bank 

This is your opportunity to paddle with family and friends on the idyllic Swimming River. For families, adults and youth.

All are welcome to paddle the Swimming River in colorful River Rangers canoes.

NMHA will supply canoes, life vests and paddles for all. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Canoeing from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. For details click HERE

JULY & AUGUST, 2015: RIVER RANGERS  is back for another great Summer Adventure!

The award-winning River Rangers on-water summer program is back for the 11th year for boys and girls age 10-14.
They paddle for five mornings with experienced counselors, and learn team building, boating skills, and about the river environment, all while exploring our beautiful rivers and creeks.
Registration is OPEN NOW! Pick a week (or weeks)
July 6-10      July 13-17      July 20-24      July 27-31
Go HERE to learn more about River Rangers.
SEPTEMBER 27, 2015: Family Canoeing at Chris' Marina, Red Bank.

This is your last opportunity this year to paddle with family and friends on the idyllic Swimming River. For families, adults and youth.

All are welcome to paddle the Swimming River in colorful River Rangers canoes.

NMHA will supply canoes, life vests and paddles for all. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Canoeing from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

For details click HERE.                                                   



Designing & Building a Stretched Rowing Dory
by Don Betts

Come and hear how Don Betts and others built a "stretched" 26' four-oared dory from a John Gardner drawing of a 19' dory.

Click HERE for more details.


JANUARY 28, 2015: Annual Members & Friends Dinner

The 2014 Annual Meeting and Dinner will be held at
Bahrs Landing Restaurant on

Wednesday, January 28th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Come and enjoy the food, the nautical ambiance, and your friends.

Charles Ladoulis, President, and Board Members, will briefly describe the 2014 successes and exciting plans for 2015.

For more details and to Register and Pay, click HERE 

JANUARY 14, 2015: Public Presentation
The Quaker Migration to Monmouth County: Why, When and How.

All sorts of people started to settle in Monmouth Counter after the April 8, 1665 signing of the Monmouth Patent by Gov. Nicolls of New York. This did "Give, confirm, and grant" the area we know as Monmouth County to twelve individuals with the requirement that they had to persuade "100 families at the least" to settle in the County.

This presentation will describe the Quaker migration on the 350th anniversary: why they were interested in coming, and how they got there. More information HERE. 


NOVEMBER 5th - Public Presentation: A Voyage of Rediscovery: The Onrust in 2014

In June 2014 NMHA commemorated the 350th anniversary of the first voyage of English settlers from Gravesend to Monmouth County by organizing the reenactment of that voyage by a replica of an early 17th Century sailing ship - the Onrust.



NMHA will also celebrate 2014 for the founding of the first permanent home of NMHA at the historic Grover House, built circa 1730 by James Grover, grandson of one of the original twelve English settlers.

Event details HERE

October 12: Public Canoeing Day - the last in 2014!

All are welcome! Bring family and friends! 

October 1: It's 1664 and New Jersey Needs YOU!

Public Presentation: In the Fall of 1664, just months after acquiring New Netherlands from the Dutch, the English Governor Richard Nicolls started an advertising campaign to attract settlers to New Jersey. 

The proclamation “Conditions for New-planters in the Territories of his royal Highness, the Duke of York” laid out who could buy land and under what conditions.
                                               More HERE.


For families, adults and youth, this is your opportunity to experience what RIVER RANGERS experience!

Canoeing from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. All are welcome to paddle the Swimming River in colorful River Rangers canoes. NMHA will supply canoes, life vests and paddles for all. YOU bring hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and water. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

AUGUST 3: Fluke Fishing Fund Raiser!

Enjoy a half day out on the Mariner fishing for fluke and help support Sea Scout Ship Navesink at the same time!

Depart from Atlantic Highlands. Fishing gear provided. Maximum 30 for uncrowded fun! Bring sun screen and lunch!


JULY & AUGUST: River Rangers 10th Season

River Rangers is for kids age 10-15 who spend five mornings exploring the Navesink River area. Sign up before June 21st and save!

Learn more about River Rangers HERE.

NEW for 2014! - Exploring historic Sandy Hook by land and by sea.

JUNE 5-9: Visit of the Sailing Ship Onrust

To commemorate the 350th anniversary of the arrival for the first settlers in Monmouth County, the the ONRUST, a replica of 17th Century ship and typical of the ships that brought the first settlers to our area in 1664, will cruise to Highlands and into the Navesink.

PUBLIC ACCESS DAYS: Families! School students! Experience living history by visiting the ship. It's FREE!

More about the Cruise of the Onrust

See and Purchase Photos of the trip from NY to Bahrs                                           

May 17-18: Community Boatbuilding

Wooden canoes to add to the River Rangers fleet were built in two days behind Fair Haven Fire House. The building teams were ready and eager to start.

River Rangers, Sea Scouts from two local ships, and others from the community helped refurbish and repaint existing canoes.

Come for a few hours or a whole day!

APRIL 23: Public Presentation: "The New Clearwater Garvey"

For over thirty years NJ Friends of Clearwater's the Adam Hyler has been the mainstay of the summer Environmental Sail Program jointly run with NMHA on the Navesink.        

Tom Gibson, a long-time member of NJ Friends and NMHA and an Adam Hyler skipper, will describe the Environmental Sail Program, the Adam Hyler, and the design and build process for the new garvey. More information

MARCH 22: Public Presentation: "Iceboating on the Navesink and the Hudson"

NMHA, Monmouth Boat Club (MBC), and Norh Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club (NSIBYC) will combine to present an historic day of iceboating history to the current day.

Prominent iceboaters will present their experiences at MBC in the morning and NSIBYC will offer tours of their facility and incredible memorabilia in the afternoon.  More information.

On March 1st, the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club took its rebuilt ice yacht ROCKET onto the thick ice on the Hudson near Albany to join the Hudson River Ice yacht Club's ice yacht JACK FROST and many other historic wooden ice boats. Read a report here.


Tom's Winter Reading -- Three articles about the new garvey: Early Thoughts and Planning, Construction Pictures with narrative, and week by week construction Log. Do the Construction Pictures first, about an hours read with about 40 photos.  --  Tom Gibson

New Jersey Friends of Clearwater and NMHA have sailed the Adam Hyler Oyster Garvey every year since the early eighties.

The 2012 sailing season was uneventful and the 2013 season has not happened, and it has been decided that a NEW BOAT must be built as the existing hull is leaking and really difficult to fix. Discussions over designs will commence and you can visit this space for announcements.

CONSTRUCTION IS UNDER WAY. Visit here for details: Building a new Garvey.

Environmental Sail Program




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Upcoming NMHA Events

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Liquefied Natural Gas Ports off the NY/NJ Coast Public Meeting January 8th, 6:00pm, Sheraton Hotel, 6 Industrial Way East, Eatontown.

Over the past few years, three industrial Liquid Natural gas LNG port facilities have been proposed off the New York and New Jersey coasts.  So far, all three have been blocked!

These LNG ports might bring increased greenhouse gas emissions, habitat destruction, security risks, increased Coast Guard and policing costs, more pollution to our shores. Let the

More information HERE

Ship Wrecks off the NJ Coast

Monday, November 24, 2014
6:30 pm

Twin Lights Room, Warner Student Life Center, Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Road, Middletown.

More information HERE

Film: Coastal Development vs. Severe Weather

September 20th at 7:00 PM,
Holy Cross School, 40 Rumson Road, Rumson

This documentary, SHORED UP, examines the collision between coastal development and severe weather and focuses on New Jersey.

High Performance in Education:

How the maritime setting enables higher levels of training and learning. 




Gayle Horvath, NMHA's Board Member and Treasurer, has had an article published on the prestigious SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and marine Engineers) website.

Click HERE to read.

The Onrust Adventure

For 3 1/2 days the graceful and historic 17th Century replica of the Dutch sailing ship Onrust sailed into Highlands and the Navesink, beguiling everyone who saw her. She hosted over 500 visitors during two public access days in Fair Haven and Red Bank.

3-gun salute MAH05948.MP4

Many videos and pictures were taken, and some links are below.

From Brooklyn to Highlands

See and purchase photos of the cruise from Brooklyn to Bahrs in Highlands

Maritime Salvage - an Important Service

Working Harbor held a meeting  on salvage in New York, and local and international companies were represented. More HERE.

Rik van Hemmen, President of Red Bank based Martin Ottaway (and Vice President of NMHA) was a keynote speaker.

High Performance Education

Gayle Horvath, NMHA Treasurer and Board Member, has an article published by  Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) on the connection between maritime and education.


Iceboating on the Hudson, March 1, 2014


Birds Eye View (by drone)

Historic Gathering (with brass band)

Ice Yachts on the Hudson

350th Anniversary  of Monmouth County

Bringing the Onrust to the Navesink

Contaminated NJ Politics meets Contaminated Soil Disposal.

New Jersey plans to dump millions of tons of petroleum-contaminated soil onto a site near the Rahway River, and most of the decision makers seem to have conflicts of interest. Oh, and by the way, this area was totally immersed during super storm Sandy! Will it go ahead - you betcha!  Read more

A Rare Meeting of the Giant Ice yachts on the Hudson last weekend

With 20 miles of ice at least one foot thick on the Hudson at Barrytown, The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club took the Rocket to join many other antique ice yachts, including the only other giant, the Jack Frost.

Read more.

17th Century Maritime Trading Map Uncovered








Mr. Seldon's map of China was probably drawn by a Chinese cartographer in Java around 1610, when China was still the world’s biggest economy and Europeans longed to trade there. It views China from the South China Sea, not from the land, and is a trader's map showing merchants' routes though Asia. Read more.

Pete Seeger Tribute

Pete Seeger passed away on January 27th in New York City. He will be sadly missed.

Bahrs Landing & the Historic Model ship installed there are up and running after Sandy and all the ship models are safe!

CLICK for information Bahr's Restaurant and Museum


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