Past Events & Activities 2001 -2013


First meeting – Presentation on NMHA Organization


1/24/02 – Kathy Dorn Severini, “Navesink River Historic Photographs”

3/21/02 – T.J. McMahon, “Steamboats on the Navesink”

5/16/02 – Greg Strand, “Iceboats on the Navesink”

9/26/02 – Rik van Hemmen and Gail O’Reilly, “View from the River”

11/21/02 – Bob Pulsch, “Restoration of the Heron, a 1911 Schooner”


1/23/03 – Rik van Hemmen and Charles Ladoulis, “A Classroom on the Navesink: The Steamboat Project”

3/20/03 – Megan Springate, Monmouth Co. Historical Association, author of “Steamboats in Monmouth County: A Gazetteer”

5/22/03 – William Kornblum, New York NY, author of “At Sea in the City”

9/25/03 – Andy Willner, NJ Baykeeper “Oysters on the Navesink”

11/20/03 – Meghan Wren, Director, Bayshore Discovery Project, Bayville NJ “The A J Meerwald Schooner and the Bayshore Discovery Project”


1/24/04 – Katie Buckley, Chairwoman, Navesink-Swimming River Watershed Group “Collaboration on the Watershed”

3/18/04 – Greg Strand, North Shrewsbury Ice Boat Club “Restoration of the Rocket Ice Yacht”

5/20/04 – Donald Betts, Mike Davis, Floating the Apple, New York NY “Floating the Apple: Open Water Whitehall Rowing in New York”

9/16/04 – Chet Ehrman, “Toms River Seaport Society and Wooden Boat Festival”

11/18/04 – Rich Ballezza, Director, Newburgh Rowing Club, Newburgh NY “Newburgh Community Boathouse”


1/27/05 – Charles Ladoulis and Rik van Hemmen, “Community Boathouse on the Navesink River”

3/24/05 – Dave Chouinard, the Fly Hatch “Fly Fishing on the Navesink River”

5/26/05 – Rob Reilly, Toms River NJ “Restoration of a Classic Catboat: The Marshall Sanderling – Meg”

9/22/05 – William H. White, author “The Naval History of the War of 1812 and War with the Barbary Pirates”

11/17/05 – Bill Ward, “Restoration of the Jet 14 Sailboat”


1/18/06 – Bob O’Brien, NJ Museum of Boating “History of Boating in NJ”

3/22/06 – Peter Rowe, Marine Sciences Consortium “NJ Marine Sciences Consortium: Making a Difference Through Research, Education and Outreach”

5/24/06 – Tono and Tiaa Miakoda, “Sailability NJ: Community Sailing Program for Disabled Able-Bodied Adults and Youth”

9/20/06 – Michael Bagley, Project U.S.E. “Developing a Coastal Education Program for NJ Youth”

12/6/06 – Bob Brummer and Rob Garratano, “The Oldest Surviving Wooden Harold Seamans Skiff”


1/24/07 – Doug MacFarland, “Taking Old Boats and Making Them Better than New”

2/28/07 – Tony D’Eloia, “Renaissance of the WoodPussy for the 21st Century”

3/28/07 – Rob Garratano, “History and Restoration of the Jersey Speed Skiff”

4/25/07 – Charles Ladoulis, “A Century of Racing on the Navesink – Sculling, Sailing, to Speedboats”

5/23/07 – Team Planning for the June 9-10 Wooden Boat Fest

9/26/07 – Rik van Hemmen, “Building a Dugout Canoe”

10/17/07 – Dr. Richard Butz, Buffalo NY “History of the Buffalo State College Maritime Center”

12/5/07 – John Scarano, Albany NY “Scarano Boatbuilding”


1/ 23 /08 – Bob Pulsch, “Rocket Ice Yacht Restoration at NSIBYC in Red Bank”

2/ 24/08 - Dr. Mike Zimmerman, “Battleship New Jersey Maritime Museum”

3 / 23 /08 – Jay Cosgrove, “History of Bahrs Landing and Boat Works, Highlands NJ”

4/ /08 – John Olsen, “History of Olsen & Sons Boat Works, Keyport NJ ”

9 /23/08 – Channing Irwin, “The 125 Year History of Irwin's Boat Works in Red Bank ”

12 / 3/ 08 – Timo White, "The New Wooden Boat School, Tuckerton Seaport"


1/ 28 /09 – Carter Craft, “The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance”

2/ 25 /09 - Charles Spitz “Sea Scouts”

3/ 25 /09 - The History of Boatbuilding during WWII on the Jersey Coast by Robert O'Brien, New Jersey Museum of Boating

4/ 22 /09 - The Sailing Sea Bright Dory, by Marc Epstein

9/ 23 /09 - Megan Springate “The Recovery of the MARICOPA, and History of Lighters in NY”

10/ 28 /09 - Chan Irwin “History of Iceboating on the Navesink - Thomas Edison Film Documentary”

12/ 4 /09 - Charles Ladoulis “History of NMHA - the First Ten Years - and the Future”


2/ 4 /10 - Chan Irwin “History of Iceboating on the Navesink, the von Nostrand Trophy and Thomas Edison Film Documentary”

2/ 24/10 - Gregg Strand and Dan Clapp “Sailing Faster than the Wind: The Romance of Iceboat Sailing and Racing …. Past and Present …. East and West”

3/ 24/10 - John Brady “Silent Maid - The Restoration of the Famous Barnegat Bay Catboat”

9/ 22/10 - John Ziegler “Rowing Across the Atlantic”

10/27/10 - Dan Edwards “Enthusiasm for America's Oldest Collegiate sport abounds throughout the Navesink Maritime Community”


3/ 2/11 - Mary Mattingly “Waterpod - sustainable artist community”

4/27/11 - John Olsen “The Sea Bright Skiff: Design, Construction, and Use”

5/25/11 - Andy Willner “HOPE and ALERT: Flagships for the Future”

Iron Ship Wavertree

Postponed: Presentation about the iron ship Wavertree by Andy Willner

 The Wavertree was built at Southampton, England in 1885 for R.W. Leyland & Company of Liverpool, and was one of the last large sailing ships built of wrought iron. Today, she is the largest afloat and is moored at South Street Seaport. In 1982, Andy was asked to create panels explaining the history of the Wavertree. This presentation is based upon his work at that time.

Andy Willner was for 20 years the first NY/NJ Baykeeper and now is owner of a consulting firm, Sustainability Solutions.

10/26/11 - Andy Willner “Fish and Ships:The story of the New York Harbor Estuary”



4/24/2013 - "How Does being Afloat Affect Humanity?"

Due to the sudden illness of our planned speaker for tonight, Rik van Hemmen, co-founder of NMHA and a marine engineer, will explore the effects that being afloat has on humanity, and how these effects should inform the actions of landlubbers as well.

Mariners have been running and refining a methodology for living on the water for centuries that we need on land in today’s world. Experiments that have worked and failed are lessons that we can use, and they will continue to be lessons. Rik will discuss this in the context of the Waterpod experiment.

Come join us at Monmouth Beach Cultural Center, Ocean Ave, Monmouth Wednesday, on Wednesday, April 24th. Tell your friends. Bring your friends!

7:15 PM - Light refreshments. 7:45 PM - Meeting starts.


On December 7th and in mid-June 2014, NMHA with others will be running events to mark the 350th anniversary of Monmouth County.  

SYMPOSIUM: "Searching for Land and Religious Freedom in Monmouth County, December 5-11, 1663".

350 years ago in December 1663, English settlers from Gravesende, Long Island, sailed across Raritan Bay looking to buy land from the Native Americans. Dutch settlers heard about this and set sail with the goal of preventing the English from establishing contacts with the Native Americans

More historical background here.





"Olsen Boat Works and Boatbuilding in Keyport".

Come join us at Monmouth Beach Cultural Center, Ocean Ave, Monmouth Beach, on Wednesday, October 23rd.

7:15 PM - Light refreshments.

7:45 PM - Meeting starts.

Olav Olsen formed Olsen Boat Works in 1947 and built over 220 sea skiffs for inshore and offshore fishing during his career.

Many of his boats are still prized and maintained by fishermen from Long Island to New Jersey. John Olsen will talk about his father and his place in Shore boatbuilding.  He will also discuss the construction of carvel wooden boats and a brief history of boatbuilding in Keyport.





Come join us at Monmouth Beach Cultural Center, Ocean Ave, Monmouth beach, on September 25th 2013.

7:15 PM - Light refreshments.

7:45 PM - Meeting starts.

For more than half a century “Hans Pedersen and Sons” was the name synonymous with the finest, biggest, most powerful Jersey sea skiffs on the water. Ned Lloyd has one of the best collections of information, memorabilia and pictures of the Jersey Sea Skiff and the local builders, and he will share this with us during the meeting.

CANOEING & BBQ on Sunday October 6th, 2013 was a great SUCCESS!

Ninety three canoeists age from 5 to "older'(!) paddled the Swimming River on Sunday, starting at 9:45 in the morning. The weather was overcast but warm and dry, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, both the first-timers and more experienced boaters.

NMHA thanks everyone for coming and for participating in the Two River Theater raffle for tickets to "A Wind in the Willows Christmas"


Back by Popular Demand! OCTOBER 6th 2013 at Chris' River Plaza Marina, 483 W Front St, Red Bank for families, youth, and adults.

This is your opportunity to experience what River Rangers experience, PLUS a BBQ! 

Canoeing from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM:  All are welcome to paddle the Swimming River in colorful River Rangers canoes. NMHA will supply canoes, life vests and paddles for all. YOU bring hat, sunscreen, bug spray and water. Canoeing is FREE!

BBQ from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM: After canoeing, have some lunch! NMHA will provide burgers, dogs and brats, water and sodas. Donations: $15 per adult, $6 for children under 12.

 Email Michael Humphreys at to let him know you are coming for canoeing, BBQ, or both, number attending. Minimum age 10 for both activities. Children must be accompanied by an adult

NEW! The Two River Theater will be joining us to celebrate "messing about in boats" like the characters in A Wind in the Willows ChristmasRaffle Tickets - be sure you enter to win a family 4-pack of tickets to A Wind in the Willows Christmas at Two River Theater. Sign ups will be at the Two River table alongside the canoeing registration.



During each week of River Rangers the counselors take lots of pictures and create Memory Books. These hard cover books can be purchased HERE. Each book covers ONE WEEK of activity on and around the water.




2013: RIVER RANGERS has completed a very successful and fun-filled 2013 season!

We will be starting up again next July and we will give you plenty of notice so that you can register early and get your choice of dates.

Learn more about River Rangers  HERE.


Children too old for River Rangers? Consider becoming a crew member of Sea Scout Ship Navesink for co-ed youth age 14-21 who focus all year on maritime activities on and off the water.

May 29, 2013: Public Presentation


Wednesday, May 29th.The Hudson-Raritan Estuary in general and the Navesink River in particular, were, up to the 1900's, a major source of oysters for New York City and the surrounding area. After 1900 the oyster population declined to almost zero. Here is an opportunity to hear what a local organization is doing the bring the oyster back to our area.

Come join us at Monmouth Beach Cultural Center, Ocean Ave, Monmouth beach, Wednesday, May 29th. Refreshments from 7:15PM, presentation starts at 7:50 PM

Meredith Comi, Oyster Restoration Program Director at NY-NJ Baykeeper, will describe the history and biology of the oyster in the Hudson-Raritan Bay Estury, including the Navesink. She will explain the reasons why the oyster population has declined and describe the baykeeper's efforts to restart the population through restoration projects in the Navesink and elsewhere.

After Sandy, the project was restated at NWS Earle, and she will describe progress to date.

March 24, 2013: Public Presentation "JERSEY SHORE FOOD HISTORY"

The author Karen Schnitzspahn was the guest speaker at our Public Meeting at Bahrs Landing on March 27th at 7:45PM. She gave an illustrated talk entitled "Jersey Shore Food History - Victorian Feasts to Boardwalk Treats". After the meeting she signed her book of the same name, which can be purchased at Bahrs' store.


Twentyfour people came for dinner before the meeting and got to know each other.







The 2012 dinner was held at Bahrs Landing Restaurant on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23rd at 6:00 PM until approximately 9:00 PM. Over 50 members and friends came for food and drink and fellowship, and saw the amazing model ships collection that NMHA is curating.

Master model builder Henry Schaefer, formerly of Atlantic Highlands, donoted over 30 model ships that he built over many years, and he was at the dinner, gave a short speech, and showed us his latest model ship project.



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